Eurocom Launches 1st Montevina-Based Laptop

Eurocom launches world's first Montevina FSB1066 based 15.4-inch gaming-class
Notebook powered by nVidia GeForce Go 9800M GTX with 1GB of Video,
8GB of DDR3-1333 Memory, 320GB of 7200rpm SATA-300
and Blu Ray drive.

I wonder how 9800MGTX performs compared to 8800MGTX
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  1. Nice, should be interesting, but none of the new cool I/O stuff though (no USB3, no Robson2, no Wimax, no Displayport).
    I think the GF9800MGTX will only be a slight performance boost over the GF8800MGTX, it's supposedly just a die shrink of the same design, supposedly no added SPUs.

    Leave it to us Canadian's to bring you the best first. :sol:
  2. Yeah i think it will be like desktop 8800 vs 9800, i think it will be the same for notebooks too
  3. Yeah I think it's the G92B on 55nm instead of 65nm, but still not enough info on them.
  4. Would there be much of a benefit for the 8 gigs of ram at this time though? Seriously, I know some applications can take advantage of a lot more ram, but at that point, something else has got to be bottlenecking the computer's performance.
  5. For current apps i think 2GB is enough
  6. Well considering they are marketing it as a mobile workstation as well there are many apps that will take advantage of that amount of memory an more, from video editing to 3D modeling, to large data setting math apps (chemical modeling, geophysical modeling, economic modeling, statistical modeling, etc).

    For most gamers and that, it won't be an issue where 2-4 GB is usually fine.
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