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Partition And Raid

Last response: in Windows 7
August 16, 2012 1:06:46 AM

Hello Tom's hardware

I'm new here and i was hoping to get some help, hopefully i put my topic in the right place too!

Here's my problem, i have some hard drives and they vary from IDE 40gb to SATA 250gb, in total i have 7 hard drives. Im trying to make them show up as 1 in windows but im not so familiar with RAID so i wanna try this method.

I got it from a site and i think its called "Software RAID Array" -> ( )

Could i do a clean Windows install, make a partition from one of the hard drives to install Windows on it and then in Windows itself make the "Software RAID Array" with the same hard drive that i got the partition from? and on top of that is it possible to mix IDE and SATA hard drives in this method?

So something like this...

160gb (120gb Software RAID Array - 40gb partition for OS)


Is it possible? I hope what im saying isn't confusing...

Grts John!

More about : partition raid

August 16, 2012 1:20:10 AM

Hello Dingo07, thank you for helping me! But im not really sure of what you mean, could you explain me? The Wikipedia page doesnt really make things clear for me...
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August 16, 2012 1:36:25 AM

JohnEdgar, I can't put this any more politely... Wikipedia is the clearest it can be! Read it again, and when you're done reading it, read it again
a b $ Windows 7
August 16, 2012 1:45:21 AM

JBOD or Just a Bunch Of Disks would make ALL drives look like one single drive.

To be honest, with that many different drives, you are just asking for trouble to start mixing them.

I would instead use the largest one for window. Larger/newer drives are faster then old drives(not age, but technology advancement). Then use the other drives as storage for programs and whatnot.

Anything other then JBOD(it will too, but may not be as noticeable) for that many drives will have very erratic performance since the drives speeds are all over the place. Raid0(no redundancy at all so why is it RAID again?) works best with drives of the same size and speed and is one of the more often used methods for gaining sequential(read/write) speeds. This is just not a good option for you.

You can also take lets say the 250 and install windows then mount(in an empty folder. see how much fun it gets to being, you would need to do it from another OS because parts of the folder will be write protected and prevent easy moving.) the 200 in the program files folder so all programs get installed to it. You can do the same with other drives, BUT it may get very confusing.

In the end, keeping the drives as individual drives may be best. You can always tell programs what drive to install to and keep movies on one, pictures on another ect.

With older drives, remember chances of failure rise. Backup important data often.