Toshiba A60 Notebook Server

I’m trying to create a small server for my home. I need something that I can use to make backups of Outlook 2007, stream music to computers, store videos and images.

Right now I have Windows XP Professional on the notebook it’s sitting next to my router plugged in with Ethernet. The LCD is constantly closed and rarely open because I use TeamViewer to access it remotely. So far I’ve only backed up my Facebook pictures, music and albums.

The hard drive on it is only 40GBs and probably thinking about getting some USB external hard drives and plugs them to the ports on the side and making them sharable on the network. They would be 1TB each x2 this would leave my other two ports for something else that I might have to plug in.

Here are my general questions.
1. Should I be using Windows XP Professional?
2. Will plugging in two external 1TB USB drives work on this old notebook?
3. With the help of my friend I want to remove the motherboard and the shell casing of the notebook and place it in some sort of box with cooling fans etc. I’ve been thinking of looking outside for old VCR’s or DVD players and use them to case the notebook motherboard and drives inside.

Thanks for reading and any suggestions or tips would be a great help! ^_~
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  1. Okay... since no one has replied about my topic I've decided to use Ubuntu Server Edition 32 bit.

    Co-workers of mine suggested I use a PCMCIA device to enable multiple USB 2.0 ports for the multiple external hard drives that I'll be connecting.

    I'm thinking about buying this from

    Tell me what you think so far!
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