137 gig LIMIT!!!

I never knew about this before I bought my 250 gig western. It says I need to get the sp1 update or upgrade my bios. I can't get the sp1 update cuz my xp isn't a legal copy. Is there a windows xp update that can fix this besides the sp1 update? Will upgrading my bios be enough and how do you find out what your mother type is again?
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  1. You can get serial code changers for XP...Microsoft will think it's a legal copy. Or you could spend the money like the rest of us (or at least I do).

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  2. Well, if you're a pirate, download a copy of XP SP1 with the corporate crack already installed!

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  3. I beleive it's more a bios issue so I would install the bios upgrade before the WinXP patch. But SP1 is good to have so I would suggest you get both.

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  4. I read recently that adding a value to this Registry key (see below) named EnableBigLba might enable 48-bit LBA in the original release of XP Home or Pro:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Parameters. The data value for the new entry should be set to 1.

    Whether it will work or not ... I can't say.


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  5. If you need a copy of the crack and cant find it online email or pm me and i will arrange to send you a copy, (its only small file)
    Just for the anti-pirates - Although i have an original copy of windows, i refuse to purchase 1 each for my 2pcs and 3 lappys that i use, so i got 1, copied and cracked it for the rest.
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  6. You can install XP to multiple machines using only one legit copy, if you just call their phone number to activate it instead of trying to use the internet. Same for Office - I didn't know this until I had a bunch of reformat-reinstall grade problems and eventually used all my licenses and had to call their number.
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