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Hello again. On a new install of WinXP Pro, I have two 160 GB serial HDD in a SATA RAID 0 array. The array is partitioned into a 30 GB "C" drive fot the OS, & the rest is the "F" drive. I then added a new 200 GB ultra IDE HDD ( for backup file storage)as a master on IDE 1 ("G"drive on WinXP), and a 20 GB Maxtor IDE drive as a slave.
Here is my problem. The 20 GB was a backup on my old system and contains my backup file which I need to use. However "MY Computer" in WinXP doesn't see the 20 GB Maxtor drive with my backup files. Yet I can find the 20 GB Maxtor HDD in the Device Manager, & "this device is working properly".
Lastly the prior system from which the 20 GB Maxtor drive came from used Win 98SE as the OS.
Is the problem that Win 98 was FAT32 and WinXP is NTFS?
If so, how do I get my files from the 20 GB Maxtor HDD so I can use them.
Thank you so much for the anticipated reply.
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  1. Windows XP can use both NTFS and FAT32, so that shouldnt be the problem. Go to Control Panel>Adminastrative Tools>Computer Management and then click on the storage option. This should show you if windows is seeing the drive properly.

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  2. Seems like I had this problem once and it turned out to be the jumpers on the HDD no being set correctly.

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