What sound card for home entertainment system?

What would be better to put in a home entertainment PC? SoundBlaster Audigy? Philips Acoustic Edge? or a Fortissimo III?

I am only familiar with the Soundblaster sound cards, but I am willing to try something different if it would work better

Gary Hendricks
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  1. Probably the Phillips Accoustic Edge.

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  2. try them all, use whichever sounds best for your ear.

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  3. Or you can try the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz. I use one through a Pioneer VSX-D412K, 2 JBL N38II Floor Speakers, 2 JBL N26II Surround Speakers, a JBL S-CenterII center channel and a JBL PB12 12" powered sub-woofer.

    It sounds pretty damn good to me. Better than any CREATIVE product I have used and better than the Hercules Muse 5.1 DVD.

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  4. i also have TB santa cruz which i am very happy with. i only have a 2.1 speaker system, but its all the soundcard i have ever required. of course, you can go fancier if your needs dictate.

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  5. I would recommand M-Audio Revolution. It offers great sound quality.
  6. i have a augidy 2 zs in my htpc (hooked up to an onkyo receiver), but thats really only because i play games on it. it sounds pretty good, but if i built my htpc purely for music, dvds, etc, i would have looked into other cards. if you want to go the audiophile route, you may want to check out this thread on avsforum for some ideas:
    <A HREF="http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?s=e9f8faf206af89039e7e955188b19372&threadid=365781&highlight=soundcard" target="_new"> Building a high end audio PC</A>
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