need dos on laptop, but have no floppy

hi, i have a compaq presario m2000 with a cd drive, but no floppy. i assume i can't load dos 6.22 on it without a floppy. or is there a way to do it from cd? i also assume that a usb floppy won't work because dos won't have the usb drivers.

so can anyone help me?

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  1. Dos??

    I've successfully used the information provided here to load usb drivers for use with a dos system.

    But a bootable CD rom could do it too, just make sure to have the appropriate CDROM/ATAPI drivers loaded so you can access it (Nero boot CD with floppy emulation works ok,)

    Of course, there's the old [cpp]format c: /s[/cpp] and copy the files you need to an install dir and boot directly from the HD itself.
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