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I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a Acer 1670 laptop. Its developed a problem, maybe terminal?. It will only occasionally switch on now if I physically hold the end of the power cable and apply inward pressure where it connects to the power jack.

I took it to my local pc repair shop. The technician at the shop told me that the motherboard is faulty and needs replaced at a cost of £200. Is there no way to fix this problem with out the motherboard being replaced?


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  1. I have this type of laptop. Now, the laptop battery last only half a hour so I got a battery from . I hope it can help you.
  2. It's not the battery. Your DC charging jack has simply come loose from the motherboard. All you've gotta do is disassemble the machine and re-solder on the connector.
  3. my advice: Don't ever go to that repair shop again, We are a repair company and unlike us they should look for cheaper and better ways to repair it. more importantly tell the truth.

    anyway your problem is minor and common, it's called a DC jack replcement when you call another repair shop ask for it and it must cost less than $100 because the dc jack itself is on ebay for $10 + the labour.

    if you buy the dc yourself from ebay you may save more so the repair shop will only charge u for labour, heres ebay item 370107211740

    here in uk we fix that for £45 and it must be done by a professional, they need to use quality solder and preferbly (hot air solder) then once soldered they need to use (silicone seal for bathrooms) to glue it in (not superglue or any other glue)..

    get it replaced, not re-fitted or repaired.
  4. Well, yes, by re-solder it i meant replace it in my own silly head kind of way.

    Experience soldering is a must in order to not screw it up, but really radio shack solder will do fine. I'm not even sure why you'd need silicone on it, other than a precaution against it coming loose again, but hot glue does the trick just as well. Done that kinda procedure tons of times. If you've already got an iron and solder and such, the whole thing should cost you less than $5 for a DC jack at radio shack.
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