Hello How can I make VOIP call from my mobile?

Hello Its me Bari.I have lot of friends in out side of my country how can make cheap phone call from my country. Do you know any mobile software which can helpful for cheap call.
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  1. If you get an android phone you can use google's wifi calling program called google voice. In my opinion that is the best way to go. Some tmobile phones also allow wifi calling but i'm not sure which ones.
  2. First you need to get a VoIP service. Then you need an internet connection then download Fring or SJphone for Windows Mobile (I assumed you have WM phone) then you can configure your VoIP service from there.

    Fring has support for almost all mobile phones out there. I use Fring on my HTC phone using Onesuite VoIP service and it works perfectly.
  3. SKYPE its what I use very easy chat too my parents the other side of the world for free very nice and easy
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