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Hi folks. I am a heavy gamer, and i need some info/opinions about my Princeton 17in VL 1716 lcd monitor. It runs sxvga max res of 1280x1024 @ 60Hz, contrast ratio of 350:1, brightness 250 Cd/m2, response time of 25 ms and 16 million colors. Is this suitable for heavy 3d gaming, or do i really need to get a new one? Also, in an earlier post here, someone was saying that monitors limited to 60Hz with v synch will be limited to 60 fps. What is v synch exactly, and is it necessary for 3d gaming?
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  1. If you have the monitor already and you are a heavy gamer as you say then you should simply remove the monitor you are currently using (unless it's a console and your using a TV) and put your Princeton in the loop.
    First hand experience and personal preference is always much better than hearing some second hand opinion. You should put it to the test running the games you like to play. You be the judge if it's sufficient or not. Your not going to blow it up by trying and it takes a second to try.

    On the surface though:
    1-contrast ration seems below average: your blacks won't be that black. for a gan like Doom3 that wil make a difference.
    2-brightness seems average but not a deterrent
    3-Response Time is slower than normally recomended for many FPS types of 3D - however for less Frame senstive games like EQI and WoW the chances are good that ghosting won't be an issue
    4-16mill + colors is standard but alot depends on how the LDC panel manufaturer gets there.... another thread
    Lastly, I have never seen that 60hz v synch limitation discussed here.
  2. I actually own that princeton monitor i mentioned. I suppose my concern was more about that v synch limitation discussed in the forums <A HREF="http:// " target="_new">http:// </A> I guess that a monitor limited to 60 HZ refresh rate is limited to 60fps? I belive my monitor can also run 75HZ which should help, but does that effectively bottleneck the ATI x850 xt 256mb pci-e gpu i want to purchase?
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