Laptop vs Current Desktop for Graphic/Web Design?

On a similar note I'm eye'ing out the Toshiba A205 that Best Buy has on sale for 429.00 this week. It has the Intel 2370 Dual Core, 1GB that I would upgrade to 2GB, 120GB Hd, etc.

I'm looking for something that I can be a bit more mobile as I work in Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver (typically only in 2 of these at once). Emphasis is being able to take this to clients, and I'm not looking to drop a lot of money into the laptop.

I currently work on a AMD x64 3400, 1.5GB of RAM, with a 36GB Raptor (no longer RAID setup). If I drop the Toshiba back to XP Pro will I be in line performance wise even though the HD speed will drop?

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  1. The core2 architecture is significantly more efficient than the AMD x64, which one can notice during CPU intensive tasks-- additionally, the multiple cores allow you to do a bit more simultaneously. The T2370 (as discussed before) is pretty much bottomof the barrel in terms of core2 architecture that still supports x86-64 (see here. You can always choose to drop a more capeable chip in the notebook at some later date.

    As for the hard drive, the greater areal density softens the blow of moving froma small, fast spinning drive to a larger but slower spinning drive.

    I did a much similar thing for a client using applications similar to yours (ecabinet systems, photoshop, autocad) moving from an AMD 3200 to an E6300 and he claimed the difference was more than noticeable.

    Personally. the only thing I miss about working from a notebook is the ability to have a really functional multiple monitor setup without a somewhat pricey external solution or a docking station, if notebook supports one.

    [EDIT] Duh. . . docking station!
  2. You know I've never considered swapping out a laptop CPU - if I'm not mistaken I could throw any CPU with a 533mhz FSB into this down the road, correct?

    I think the only real downer about the laptop is the 2GB cap on RAM if I stick with Vista, but worse case if I look at 2GB and Vista vs. the 1.5 GB I am running with XP I should have similar available RAM.

    Would maxing it out to 2GB and adding a 4GB SD with Readyboost help out at all (I'll do some reading on the forums tomorrow). The reason I ask is I've got high speed SD cards all over the place for the digital photography side of things, and sacrificing one to help supplement my 2GB physical RAM cap is an easy decision if it would help.

    I agree with you on dual monitors, but I'm at a point now where I'm not aggressively seeking new business and looking to ease the burden of supporting existing business as this is my "fun" job...while finding the appropriate balance between what I really need for a business expense and what makes sense.

    Thanks for your response - I think I'll give it a go - suppose the proof is in the pudding.
  3. Any mobile core2 should work. . . the A205 is sold with more powerful procs, such as the T5500. . . replacing a processor on a laptop generally entails removing the keyboard, removing the HSF unit, removing the old proc, inserting the new proc, and putting everything back.

    The A205 should also support 4GB (2GB per slot), so you can also add more later not to mention supporting PC6400 if you ever decide to upgrade to a 800Mhz FSB proc.
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