Should I swich from sprint 3g to hughesnet?

I have always been under the impression that satellite internet was worse than 3g...but I saw that hughesnet put up their 4th generation satellite and it looks pretty good. My current isp is Millenicom (uses sprints towers). I pay $70/month and have no download/upload caps. I just did a speed test (11:30pm on a Friday night) and got this:
ping 244ms
download .34Mbps
upload .05Mbps
the server was about 20 miles from where I live.
I also ran diablo III and the latency started at 1793ms for about 5 seconds and then dropped down to 900ms.

It used to be a lot better but I'm guessing a lot more people are on 3g smartphones than in 2008 when I first got it. It was also quite good again about a year ago for some reason (some kind of tower upgrade?) but it got slow again in a matter of months.

I know that verizon 4g is obviously going to knock satellite out of the water but with all of our netflix and youtube usage we would need 20gb a month which is $110 a month...

As for download caps, as long as it can handle one 2hr netflix movie (at lowest bitrate) a night along with about an hour worth of browsing it should be enough.

I also noticed that Excede doesn't even have download caps for things download late at night. I could probably make that work but I don't know how fast it is compared to Hugesnet.

Whatever you recommend, keeping it under $80 a month would be nice.

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    First of all, i'm assuming you have no land-line options such as cable or DSL, right? if not, are there any 4g towers in your area? You might want to check in to Clear , who use 4g towers with pretty reasonable monthly rates and no contracts.
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