Acer 5733Z frozen screen "this programme cannot display the webpage"

Only a mum with limited knowledge.
Tried control alt delete and task manager but if flashes up then disappears
Can access Boot menu via F2 but no idea what to do with that
Any help appreciated please.
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  1. Need a bit more info. What browser? What webpage were you trying to access? Have you recently added a programme? Try Right click in open space on taskbar and see if Task Manager opens from there...
  2. Hi
    My son was usung the laptop and the browser was internet explorer but not sure which version we have.
    He was on newspaper sites and the bbc but apart from bbc he cant remember which ones.
    We have not recently installed any programmes; I did a full scan on Saturday last and McAfee told me to quarantine a programme which I did immediately.
    The problem is I can't get to access anything as once you have logged in the desktop view disappears after a few seconds and a white background appears with the message " thi sprogramme cannot display the web page"
  3. Sounds like the quarantined programme has done some damage!
    Try these steps first, and if that fails we'll discuss restoring your Laptop to Factory settings, but this would lose all your personal data.
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