XP GAMING Web server admin tools???

Does XP have IIS installed on it or is it possible to have something that renders scripting languages like win 2k comes with IIS 5.0. How is XP when it comes to gaming is it benchmarked better than Windows 2000. IM thinking about upgrading to XP is it more solid then 2000 where can i get some information about these specs thanks guys
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  1. XP is better than 2000, but not worth the price of upgrade, IMO.

    XP has IIS 5.1, but it is not installed by default, you have to go and install it afterwards. It's better for gaming.

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  2. Note: XP Pro has IIS installed. I do not believe the home version has IIS.

  3. XP Pro does not install IIS by default, though. At least my copy didn't, other versions might.

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