Is high-capasity SATA better than ATA?

Ok i have read the previous post titled "ATA or SATA?" where DOOM explained a good deal about SATA... but i'm just qurious how this would apply to my situation.

Im pretty fluent with computers, as ive been building and fixing them for some time, but i'm not too familiar with SATA, and i havent found any good comparisons of SATA vs ATA lately.. only rather dated stuff.. So if anyone with more experience with this could give me some insight...

Basically i am buying a new computer, looking to get high capasity hard drives for multimedia work, storage and gaming - so they clearly can only be @ 7200RPM (aiming for 120GB and 200GB as master and slave - first one i'd partition for windows and software, the other for storage) and i'm qurious weather it would be worth getting SATA drives, as they are only about $20-$30 more than ATA-100, so not much of an issue for me, just wondering what benefits I would have... And i dont see how "cable width" can be as much of an issue when u got those nice rounded ATA cables =)

Anyway, I'm basically getting a P4 system, and some of the hardware include a Thermaltace case, 3.2GHz processor, and the mobo im looking at the Intel D875PBZ i875P, and 1GB of probably some Kingston PC3200 HyperX memory @400mhz..

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Theres a lot of controversy about this, some people think that SATA is about 10% faster than ATA100, while others (myself included) think the performance difference is negligable. Im using SATA at the moment, but I cannot make a direct comparisson with my old PATA drive because Im using RAID0 with the SATA ones.

    I dont personnaly see how SATA makes any difference in speed though, hard drives can only read at about 70MB/s burst and so the ATA100 specification is not yet saturated...let alone SATA150. It makes sence to use SATA if you are using 2 high speed Raptor drives in a RAID0 formation, but they are the only drives that will be able to take advantage of the extra 50MB/s of SATA.

    I would recommend getting SATA drives if you live in england because the price difference between PATA and SATA is about £5. For that extra £5 you get the advantage of the smaller cables and you will still be able to use the drive once PATA is phased out...for an extra $30 I dont think its worth it though.

    Just my two cents.

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  2. Thanks for the reply. Actually I'm in Canada, so the $30 here is about £10-£15 at most. But it all seems not much people are overly impressed with it unless you get the 10K RPM drives, which dont have the capasity i require... and i cant afford getting multiple ones for RAID =)

    Is SATA the "next" technology for hard drives, or is it more of a "phaze"? kinda like the new the current prescott vs northwood thing... where it has yet to "evolve" and have more advantages after further development?

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  3. PATA is faster than SATA any way you go, it has no extra "curve" to go through. But... you (I mean your iye) will not see how much even if you look upclose right into monitor.

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  4. Hard drives do 100 MB burst for ATA 100 and 150 MB burst for SATA. They can do a sequential read of ~70 MB/s (ranges on model, position on the platter and rotation speed).

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  5. Well yeh they can do a burst from the cache of 150MB/s sec but thats gonna mean jack if he is working with big files. The Cache is 8MB in size with most drives so that means he will experience that burst for..ohhhhh 0.05seconds. But yes i do see what your saying, although I dont think many drives can sustain 70MB/s transfer rates. I was suggesting that 70MB/s would be the peak rate from 7200RPM drives.

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  6. Here's one place that seems to do a pretty through and up-to-date review on hard drives:
    They also have a database where you can search and compare drives. There are some SATA vs PATA of what appears to be the same make of drive but make sure you read the actual reviews.

    I'm shopping for a new drive as well. I'll probably end up getting SATA because "150 is more than 100". (Yeah, I know. Not a very good reason).

  7. The ones I have installed like the Seagates, just do not seem much if any faster. Now I have setup a RAID system with 2 WD Raptors, that I just picked up for him at for $199.99 and they had a 15 off 200 coupon code do for new customers.

    anyway but in that configuration it seems pretty fast, not as fast as my U320 15K SCSI RAID configuration but I can see the speed difference from ATA drives.

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