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Looking to upgrade to 1 GB RAM. Currently have a P4C 2.4 GHz processor on an Asus P4C800 Delux MB, AIW 9800Pro, 160 GB RAID 0, & 80 GB ATA. Good cooling & 450 W PS. Have 512MB Kingston value RAM. Clocking at 2.88 GHz hope to hit 3GHz+ with better memory.

Considering Kingston HyperX 3500 or 3700. Like the 3500. My thinking is I can most likely increase the timing settings on the 3500 to get it to run at 250 MHz FSB or use faster memory timings at 2.88 GHz if my CPU will not let me get past 2.88 GHz to get a little more performance.

Should I go with the 3500 or 3700 seem to be the same price. 1G ~$280. Not cheep either way. Any other recommended brands?


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  1. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.Make sure to choose the Adata chip under brand option.Some people are getting over 300fsb with this.
  2. PMI suprisingly have a new memory PMI3200-1024DGL come out for overclocking. Recently review by ClubOC, there result is quite unexpected.

    Only neutron express for $220 and ioCombo for $218(coupon 04030401) has it so far.
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