Anyone here use the Canon PIXMA MP450 printer/scanner/copier

I'm asking because I'm considering buying this printer for myself soon, but I want to know what i'm getting myself into cost-wise first. From all I've read, the machine itself is a pretty solid unit, and is relatively inexpensive, but the replacement ink is like $60 total to replace both cartridges. Considering that one replacement is about half the price of the unit itself, I kinda need to know how long(as in roughly how many pages or how many months given average printing) can I exepct these cartridges to last?

I know these things will vary depending on what I print and how high/low I have my print quality settings, but at this point, I just need some sort of estimate from someone who has used this printer. Also, if you know of a good site somewhere that sells ink cartridges for less, then I'd appreciate it if you'd post that too.

Thanks for any help you can give. I really appreciate it.
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  1. To deecrutch,

    The MP450 is Canon's low end multifuntional. While the previous generation
    equivalent, the non chipped MP130 could offer economy ---both in low initial purchase price and could ofer economy in ink consumable costs if paired with readily available third party cartridges, the MP450 is chipped and hence third party cartridges are not an option.---------I was somewhat shocked to see the Canon list price for MP450 cartridges at $30. for black and $35. for the tricolor.-------the canon list price for the previous generation was $8. and $19.
    And I know of countless sites where third party BCI-24 non-chipped cartridges can be purchased for the MP130 for a dollar each.

    So I certainly can't think of one reason an informed consumer in their right mind would purchase a MP450. The small cartridges will not offer many pages before they run out and the unit will eat you out of house and home
    replacing cartridges.--and since a user is stuck with Canon chipped cartridges only, you won't beat list price by much. You could refill but I sure think those cartridges are so small, they simply would be a constant headache for refilling.

    If you are in the USA I recommend you buy a new Canon MP780 with full factory warranty--which is on sale this week at $150. at Frys electronics after rebates. The MP780 has the same basic A-4 scanner, so it offers the same print, copy, and scan as the MP450, but also has a fax also. It uses far larger non-chipped cartridges that contain almost three times the ink, and you will make up the higher initial purchase price in exactly one cartridge change.

    Or you could look for a MP130, MP370, or MP390 on ebay. Those units all use the BCI-24 non-chipped cartridges---but you won't beat $150. by much
    and far better economy is offered by the MP 780---which uses the far larger non-chipped BCI-3&6 cartridge line.-----but expect to pay a little more for third party cartridges----the vendor I use charges a whole $1.39.
    per BCI-6 cartridge.

    But if you have your heart set on the latest generation printer--get a Canon MP500 or greater. They use the very similar sized chipped sucessors to the BCI-3&6 cartridge line---which is the CLI-5&8 line---which also have triple the ink but list at only $14 for the colors and $16 for the larger text black.---but again being chipped, third party cartridges are not an option.---at least until someone finds a way around the chips. And many are refilling CLI-5&8 cartridges--its some added hassle but doable.

    I am a Canon fan, but I sure could not recommend anyone purchase a MP450.-------and am very happy with my non-chipped MP 730 and my wifes ip4000. --------but I would happily trade either unit for a MP780.
    That $150. price is the lowest I have EVER seen---and I doubt any will ever find a MP780 any lower---thats likely to be the last of those in the retail pipeline.

    For the MP 450 the old adage of you can pay me now or pay me later applies--------you will be paying them later---again, and again, and again ever time you replace cartridges.
  2. Thanks for your post, I appreciate it. One of the reasons I wanted to go with the MP450 is because space is an issue with me for this purchase, and the 450 was pretty good feature-wise for a unit that would fit the space that I have for it. Of the units you mentiioned, only the 130 would fit into the space that I have (bascially an old school computer cart with 2 extendable shelves, one of which would be used to hold the printer).

    I also considered getting either the MP150 or MP170, which both use the PG-40/CL-41 cartridges (a $45 hit total), but from what little I could gather, the PG-50/CL-51 cartridges that the MP450 uses are suppsed to be a more high capacity version of the PG-40/CL-41 cartridges.

    I guess I'm mainly looking for a way to judge how much more ink capacity is in the PG-50/CL-51 setup than is in the PG-40/CL-41 setup, and how would both of those compare to the BCI-24 setup in the MP130 when considering that most of my printing will consist of school reports for my nieces and nephews, the occasional photo, and doing copies and such in draft mode (draft will be used whenever possible!)?

    I also considered going with an HP or an Epson, but after hearing about Epson's clogging problems, not to mention my own bad experiences with both Epson and HP(mainly computers with HP but still...), I decided to stick with Canon. I still have my old Canon BJ200-e that I got in 1994, and up until a year or so ago, it was still going strong! It is time for some color now though, and I've always wanted a scanner, so I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak. Anyway, thanks for any information that you guys can give me. I greatly appreciate it.
  3. To Dee,

    Maybe my information is not totally correct on the MP450--the 50/51 cartridges may not be
    the chipped equalivents of the BCI-24.--that contain only 9 ml of black ink and 5 ml each of color ink--cym--for a total of 15 ml in the tri-color.

    Canon does not seem to publish cartridge capacity on its web sites---but one can find the ink volume if you can find a cartridge in a store.---its on the side of the box. Similarly Canon claimed page yields are also somewhat hidden.

    But you should be able to call 1-800-OKCanon to get those answers. Once you have that information you can do the math. But I am betting you would be money ahead to consider
    finding a different place for your printer if it does not fit your old computer cart rather than buy
    a MP450-------that same $65.00 Canon list price will buy you 26 ML of text black, and 13 ml each of the four seperate colors in something like a MP500---I seriously doubt you get 88 ml of ink in the two cartridges the MP450 takes---I even doubt a half of the that.

    With a MP780--or my wifes ip4000--you get 93 ML of ink---and if you use the same third party vendors as me --you can get that same total cartridge replacement for $7.60
    And faced with those numbers you are worried about some old school cart?---just get a milk crate for a buck, set in on the floor and place the printer on it. Or figure out a way to get a side extension if the cart has to roll from place to place. Or get a MP130---but not a MP450.-----like I say---you do the math.
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