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I am sure this question is asked all the time. My Laptop broke last night and since I no longer use a desktop that leaves me without a computer at home. Since I am posting this from work unfortunately I do not have enough time to search the forums so I apologize for the repeat topic.

Anyhow I am looking to buy a Laptop in the 1k-2k range. Perferably on the lower end but I want a good laptop. I like to play my games on the laptop. My previous laptop could play everything up to Crisis(not including crisis). The more recent games started taxing it. It was a Toshiba widescreen laptop.

I would prefer to stay away from widescreen if possible, while I like widescreen I hate the fact that I can not upgrade the graphic drivers outside of the manufacturer. However if the best laptop is widescreen I will still consider it.

Anyhow I was wondering if anyone had any Laptops they would recommend.
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  1. Check out SAGER NP5793
  2. I would highly recommend a DELL XPS 1530

    great deals going on them with a 25% off coupon

    you can get a really fast laptop :) i ordered mine few days ago , with an led screen :)
  3. Yeah XPS M1530 is a solid laptop but the SAGER NP5793 is equipped with 8800MGTX which leaves the 8600MGT in the dust :)
  4. I am definitely looking at the Sager especially with the free 4gb upgrade. I am trying to decide one which parts i want tho. The 8800m GTX is a no brainer but if i get everything i want it is over my 2k budget but only by 200. I am sure i can bring that down somehow.

    I am trying to decide between the 2.4 3mb cache processor and the 2.5 5mb cache. Would the 6mb cache make enough of a difference for the $80 increase?
  5. Well i think u mean the T8300 2.4 with 3MB cache vs T9300 2.5 with 6MB cache, well the extra 100mhz wont make a noticeable difference
    The cache doesnt make a noticeable difference either, maybe in very CPU intensive apps but in gaming and general use u wont notice the difference
  6. Perfect. That cuts 80 off. Now to decide if i want to replace that 80 with a custom case. Some of their skins look just plain awesome.
  7. valcron said:
    I can not upgrade the graphic drivers outside of the manufacturer..
    Not entirely true. I've been using Omega drivers on my laptops for some time. . .
  8. Yeah I used Omega Drivers for my ATI card but and I admit it had been a long time since I have had an ATI card, he had stopped production on NVIDIA drivers. Is he making drivers for NVIDIA cards again?

    Also thanks to everyone for your help. I am going to order the SAGER NP5793 tonight.
  9. Good luck :)
  10. So I ordered my Laptop last Thursday. Ordered one with the Nightmare Skin and Orange trim...hoping the orange will offset some of the darker color on the nightmare skin. Cost more than I wanted to spend but looks like it will be more than worth it.

    Thanks for letting me know about the site.
  11. I hope u will enjoy it :)
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