Blue screen error occure in windows 7 suddenly the system shutdown automatiocall

when I'm working on my computer suddenly blue screen appears and then it automatically restart when I'm check it shows that

pls help to solve this problem....
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  1. Blue screen errors are indicitve of a hardware failure usually. I would start by scanning your drive for errors and your RAM.
  2. Any hardware or driver changes made to your system recently?

    You need to find a minidump analyser. Try Google.

    If you want to get your system to pause on the blue screen without restarting go to Computer and right-click, choose Properties, Advanced system settings (on the left side), Advanced tab,under Startup and Recovery select Settings button. Then you will see a section called System failure. You will have the choice of checking or unchecking Automatically restart.
  3. If you want help it would be helpful to list your system specs, what software are you using when you crash and is your BIOS up to date.
  4. try this to see what made the crash
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