I reinstalled my OS on z560 and still cant install camera

I installed my OS 7 unltimate few times and still can't install the camera device on lenovo ideapad z560 lap even when i download the device from the official lenovo site ... its says device not matched and when i open youcam it says there is no camera installed :S ... Am really tired of this , any help please ......
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  1. If you boot into safe mode, and enter Device Manager, is it listed? Or is there an icon next to it?
    If its there delete it and boot to normal windows. At desktop windows should find the hardware and ask to install a driver for it. Point it to the driver you downloaded
  2. In device manager there is no image or anything about camera device even in safe mode it is not listed there , i tested webcam http://www.testwebcam.com/ it told me that "cant find camera" , it was working fine befor i reinstall the OS , should it be a hardware issue ?!!
    Thanks For ur respond anyway ...
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