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Looking for a multi purpose LCD monitor

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
February 28, 2006 5:58:25 PM

I've used CRT monitors all my life and i never had a CRT to compare with an LCD infront of my eyes.

i used the Eizo 1910 which is pretty good monitor
what i did notice with LCD monitors is that you MUST use 1280*1024 an them
otherwise the image looks crappy and ghosty and blurry.
even the Eizo 1910 has a blurry text unless the size is right pictures arent sharp some times, i didnt play games on it so i cant tell.
movies look pretty much ok.
response time of 12ms is ok but i went for the lower values 8-3ms monitors.
after knowing that there are too much to consider when you buy an LCD kinda made me think again about waiting a few years for OLED monitos or LED backlight monitors becuase after reading here at THG about the backlighting that it has a great deal in how well the monitor will perform.
i dont have these problems with my CRT... the only problem is that its too big and that i cant use my subwoofer because the monitor begins to dance with it i mean the image also i notice the 75hz rate (1600*1200).
another problem with LCDs that will occour is that my Video card isnt too good (ATi Radeon 9500 Pro) and i cant get a 1280*1024 at all games.
now my mom want me to buy an LCD monitor
im pretty much a hardcore gamer also i use alot of image editing programs and spend alot of time reading texts on the monitor.
now i use a Samsung SyncMaster 997mb (19") like all CRT 18" viewable.
so after thinking and looking at specs i found that 19" LCDs use just
"larger" pixels 0.29x" pitch and some use 0.26x" pitch like 17"
but the fact that pixels are just larger doesnt attract me so im looking for a 17" LCD monitor.
or if you can explain me why a 19" would be better all the same models are available as a 19".
my budget is about 550$ max 600$.

from some searches on the web i came across these fellows:
Nec-Mitsubishi 70GX2 / 1770NX
Samsung 760BF / 730BF / 710N,V,TN,T
Viewsonic Vx724 / Vp730 / Vp171
Eizo L551 / M1700
Samsung 913N,B / 930B / 960BF
Nec-Mitsubish 90GX
Hyundai B90a

i cant decide which one to buy or if you know a better one.

Thnank you.
March 1, 2006 6:22:27 AM

(I don't read all your post but:) 

I prefer a 19" 1280x1024 because, 17" 1280x1024 has a very small letters. I am programer and I read a lot of docs, and write a lot of code. About 90% of use is reading or writting. So if letters are very small, I have to force my eyes to get read it.

If you think to work with games or graphics then maybe is better a 17". But even that, I think will be better a 20" with more than 1280x1024.

I am going to buy a tft soon too. I surely will buy a Hyundai Q90U (3ms). It seems a good tft, but I don't have any good review like tomshardware or xbitlabs. In spain (Europe) it cost 400€, about $450, but I TFT used to be cheaper in USA then Europe.

March 1, 2006 9:54:33 AM

Im from the middle east, the prices here are as high as the dealers themselvs.

on my 19" CRT i use 1600*1200 nad i can read texts 9 pts from 70cm - 120 cm and i can see them clearly.
yea the 20"+ support 1600*1200 but thet cost twice the price of a 17"
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March 1, 2006 10:43:44 AM

you should do alot of research into a model of monitor before buying as alot of the bad rep that lcd's get is beacause people buy cheap ones and expect amazing things. price doesn't mean you'll get a good one but it does help. i also know some people are picky about image qaulity but as long as you use aspect ratio scaling, writing displayed out of native res doesn't look that bad.

oh and as someone else has mentioned you do not just get 1280x1024. i myself have a 15.4 WSXGA screen which has a res of 1650x1080. unfortunately this sort of screen are rearely found outside of laptops. the writing is also not too small on a screen this small with such a res.

one more thing in reply to dacer, this may be picky but they are LCD's not TFT's. TFT are the power regualtors which control how much the LCD's rotate and therefore how much light they let through to the color filters. you probably already know this but TFT is only used by mainstream high street retailers as a buzz word they know the general public will recognise. it is not to do with how the screens work. sorry for the rant but it bugs me.
March 1, 2006 2:35:47 PM

i asked in other forum here about using a laptop LCD panel as a desktop monitor.
is that possbile iv seen the prices for 17" laptop WXGA monitors.
i know that would look awful on my desktop with all the tape and glue and wires lol.
but that will serv the purpose of a good lcd monitor.