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Hi folks, :)

I am shopping for a new Laptop ... I will be using this laptop for archiving my persoanl dvd's and converting them to AVI (to save space) ... also playing around with various re-encoders and video softwares (as a hobby) ... basically a lot of cpu intensive work ...

BTW, currently I am not into Video Games ... so (but never say never) ...

Here is where I am lost ... I have heard that having a "dedicated" video card it will actually help the processing time of compressing videos!?!?!!!

Also, I can't quite make up my mind on the Laptop Brand ... I am toying with "Sony Vaio FZ Custom Order", or HP dv6700t Custom, or Dell XPS M1530 Custom.

I like Sony because it looks slick. I like Dell because I think it is probably built tougher. As for HP, I liked them before they gave "Good Deals" but not lately ... so I have a sour taste in my mouth for them.

Q1: Which of the 3 brands that I mentioned would you recommend for this video work? Also which one is better built?

Q2: What Intel processor as a minimum should I shoot for?

Q3: Does really a dedicated Graphic Card help the "Processing Time" of the Video Compression?

Q4: If somone has a suggesstion for a Laptop that will fit my need without Breaking my Bank ... please suggest?

Q5: What combination of CPU, HD, RAM should I shoot for so I won't end up having a "Bottleneck" effect?

Q6: With the upcoming release of Montevina ... will we see a better price on the Santa Rosa based laptops? And when do you folks thing that will happen ... July, August or ... !?!? I realize none of us have a Crystal Ball ... but what do you think?

G! :)
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)

    1_I say go for XPS M1530
    2_Well all of Core2Duo models in XPS M1530 are very good
    3_No, it depends on the CPU
    4_You can look @ SAGER NP5793 too and since u dont game u can choose the 8600MGT option
    5_As i said any of the Core2Duo CPUs in XPS and SAGER are good and go for 2GB or 4GB RAM. and HDD depends on yourself and how much space u need :)
    6_If u want to wait, u cant every buy a new thing, also Montvina doesnt have a lot of difference with Penryn
  2. Hello Maziar, :hello:

    Thanks a Bunch for taking the time and answering my Q's.

    You really helped me with the misconception that I had ... either from my readings or someone's post somewhere on the net ... that a Great Graphic Card might actually help my TIME (reducing the video processing time).

    See you on the forum,

    G! :)
  3. No problem mate :) glad i could help u :)
  4. I would also be looking hard at anything based on the AMD 780M (Puma platform)-- sometime in the next few weeks.
  5. Hi dwellman,

    Q: Doesn't AMD always perform slower and less efficient than Intel chips!?!?

    I purposely stay away from AMD Chips.

    Just for the heck of conversation ... I also stay away from ATI Graphic cards ... I tend to lean toward nVidia for those.


  6. Well AMD launched its PUMA platfrom recenly but i still go for the Intel ones
  7. gonwk said:
    Hi dwellman,

    Q: Doesn't AMD always perform slower and less efficient than Intel chips!?!?
    No, not always. All things being equal, AMD chips are inherently more efficient where it counts in mobile applications: power consumption-- although the difference is slighter than its been since Intel moved to the 45nm process.

    AMD platform is worth considering if the PUMA / 780M lives up to the promise shown by the 780G.
  8. Hi dwellman & Maziar ... Thanks for you folks input.

    dwellman ... may be I would get more bang for my money if I go with AMD Chip.

    BTW, have you folks noticed that AMD teams up with ATI ... or is it just my imagination!?!?


    G! :)
  9. gonwk said:

    BTW, have you folks noticed that AMD teams up with ATI ... or is it just my imagination!?!?

    Whatever gives you that impression. [:mousemonkey:1]
    Ever check and see where goes?

    BTW, it depends on the encoding tool but 'right now' it's primarily CPU, however by the fall that may change significantly.

    Check out RapidHD and Cobra GPU encoding. As more GPGPU apps appear there's more use of the new stream processing chips for things other then just displaying video. IMO, nowadays get at least a GF8400 or HD2400 VPU for current and future benefits.

    Get at least a 2+GHZ latest T7-8-9xxx processor (I disagree with the efficiency claims of the old Turions as nothing I've seen supports that, the new Turion Ultras have yet to prove their efficiency), and at least 2 GB of memory and a fast Western Digital 320GB Scorpio 5400 RPM HDD is you best option for speed (as good and better than some 7200RPM) and nice big capacity. It also gives you low heat and low power consumption. However likely going to need to do it as an add-on because I don't know of any that ship that one guaranteed so much as some that do sometimes and other other times.
  10. Strictly by TDP, AMD-- on average-- has an ever-so-slight lead (huge over anything based on Northwood, blah to negative against Banias and Dothan, gained a bit over Yonah, lost a bit over Merom. All in all we're only talking about 1 - 3 watts TDP*). What hurt AMD and always hurt AMD-- especially in the mobile side-- is less efficient chipsets and glacialy moving to DDR2 and glacially moving to DDR3. . . . The aquisition of ATI might help. AMD says it is. I don't know, but the ability to have integrated graphics on a laptop that doesn't suck-- or suck so hard (and supports HDMI, HDMI Audio and HD-V), is at least a little exciting. So it bodes well that, for at least watching videos on a laptop, AMD may hald the edge.**

    * In theory though, it makes sense that if a Merom or Penryn can do more with less cycles then though they draw a bit more power while they are operating at full bore, they do not have to operate at full bore as long as a Turion X2. As far as the Turion Ultra goes, I'm not holding out any hope. The Asynchronus clock per core is interesting.

    ** If and when laptops based on this 780M / 780G ever appear.
  11. Hi folks,

    @ TheGreatGrapeApe ... Thanks ... I think you know exactly the type of Softwares that I use (Freeware Stuff) and doing hobby work and playing around with my home made movies and stuff ... so, the laptop requirements that you gave me I believe is exactly what I should shoot for. AND since I am not in a hurry I will wait and see who will offer me the most bang for my money ... I am though thinking of one of these companies Sony, Fujitsu, or HP (if HP gets their act together and offer some coupons ... otherwise I can't justify buying HP at "FULL" price).

    @ dwellman ... Thanks again for educating me.

    G! :)
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