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Hello everyone,
I have a pretty outdated PC. Athlon XP processor, ddr1 ram, 9550 256mb gpu. I'm looking forward of replacing it with a laptop. My budget is around 1100$. I used to play games, but I quit after all the new games don't run on my current PC. Nowadays I generally surf the internet, use 3 types of messengers(yahoo, msn, skype), watch movies, use MS office. If I play games they are not so demanding. I looked at 5 laptop models from 2 different manufacturers: Acer and Toshiba.
and Toshiba Satellite A210-1AO
I couldn't find the proper link for the Toshiba laptop.
What do you think, which one is the best laptop for the money? Thanks.
BTW I like AMD processor more this is why I looked mostly at AMD processors.
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  1. nothing on you if you're an amd fan, but an intel processor will be more powerful and make your battery last longer. take a look at some intel models.

    (i moved from an athlon xp to a mobile intel, too)
  2. Agreed^^
  3. There's an intel model too. One of the Acer laptops is Intel based. The last one. One of my friends suggested that I should wait a bit, while Puma and Atom will be available and help push the prices down, and maybe a Puma platform would be the better solution for me:) I like the idea of changing between video cards to save battery power. He also told me that I should by Toshiba instead of Acer due to it's higher quality. Is he right? Another guy has an acer laptop and he is very satisfied with it. What do you think?
  4. AMD puma is launched but still i prefer Core2Duo also ATOM is mainly for tablet PCs and small devices
  5. I see. And which one is better in your opinion? Acer or Toshiba?
  6. I would go for the ACER 5920 or the TOSHIBA one because they have 8600MGT and HD 2600 cards which are better than the other GPUs in other notebooks u posted
  7. You better go with intel centrino platform with the budget you have . It will offer more performace and battery life than AMD platfrom ,
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