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Hey guys,

My friend is looking to buy a HDTV for his NYC apartment. As you know, Nyc apartments are tiny (well atleast the one taht my friend could afford) so he needs a 40-42 inch FLAT PANEL TV!!

Ofcourse in terms of price, would prefer not to pay above 2200$; so any ideas on which to go with??

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  1. In that size range, Plasma is going to cost less than LCD.
  2. Quote:
    In that size range, Plasma is going to cost less than LCD.

    Yup, I was also looking at Cnet and AVSforums to see what would be a good cheap bet.

    ----------- -> Dell 42in

    There are problems w/ black colors on this; so your movies might not be as good !! still a good deal overall

    ----------- --> Vizio 50in

    This has good reviews; but no Cable Card; or HD Tuner -> so basically you wlil need your cable box to work with this !! eitherways you are going to have cable box; so might not be a bad deal to consider.

    On the CostCo. website, there was also Sceptre; but I heard that its a good Computer LCD but makes a bad TV !!

    So any ideas of which would be a good one to go with?
  3. Panasonics and Pioneers are generally rated as the best plasmas. If you can expand your screen size down to 37, then you'll pick up the crossover point for big LCDs and small Plasmas.

    Here's a TG Stores sort:
  4. ya I just noticed that too. And people in the AVS forums were saying that for around 200-2400 the best thing to go with would be to try and get Panasonic 42px60U --> they were sayihng thast a damn good deal!!

    any stores taht I can go find in NYC?
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