Need internet on my laptop for travel for 1 week

I need internet on an iPad for one week. Walmart is out of their "Internet To Go" product. Need to access this before 2/14.
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  1. A bit under handed, but...

    Another option is Clear. I believe they have an official rep at every BestBuy. They have an "On The Go Internet" option where you can buy a mobile internet device like the Clear Spot Voyager for $50 it acts as a wired internet connection when it is plugged into a laptop / PC and it also acts like a hotspot capable of supporting up to 6 or 8 devices. I forget, but the info is on their website:

    Why is it "under handed"? There is a 15 day free trial period. So you can use it while you travel and you'll have plenty of time to return it when you come back. Per the rep I spoke with your refund include the device itself ($50 for the Voyager) and the plan you opt for. There's a $35 plan with 1.5mbps download and a $50 plan for 6.0mbps. It is supposedly for unlimited data.

    So... What's the catch? It uses Sprint's network. But so does that device from Walmart; it looks exactly like one of Virgin Mobile's MiFi device (Sprint as well). Therefore, the coverage may not be as good as Verizon or AT&T. It is 4G only. No 3G support, so if you go to a 4G dead zone, then you get no service. Check Clear's coverage map.

    I am actually thinking of trying out this device as well over the weekend, but I will likely keep it for a while to test out if Clear begins to throttle download speed if you are a heavy user (I am a heavy user) after the initial 1 or 2 months. Since I moved somewhat recently I do not have internet services yet. I've been tethering my smartphone. :)

    My experience will likely end up in writing an ongoing review of the service....
  2. Ahh... I didn't realize tomorrow is Feb 14th.

    Oh well, I suppose you have already made your decision...
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