SPDIF (Digital) Audio or Analog Audio

Does it matter what connection I use? I have the Sound Blaster 2ZS - It has only one SPDIF connection but multiple Analog. Is there any real advantage is using one over the other?
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  1. Inputing an amp using 6 analog outs from the comp kicks the digital out's ass anyday. It's a convience thing. Dolby even posted on their own website way back noting that the the digital cable loses about 2/3 the usual quality and range/ respons. Simply not enough bandwidth for all those little things. Setop players use digital outs to make them cheaper; fewer parts, fewer connections to sodder.
  2. i have a soundblaster 2 zs and right now i'm using the home theater analog cables. at one time i did have an extension board that was basically a smaller version of the external box or internal 5.25 bay expansion. it had coax and optic out ( i used coax ) and i have found that the spdif out had tighter and deeper bass response and let my home theater do all the Dolby/DTS work which i liked until the small extension board i was using fried. the analog cables i'm using are from soundblaster and i find that the bass isnt as tight but i have more control over how i want my music/game/movies played. although the thx console wont save my speaker settings which has caused me to have to turn my subwoofer up to almost full blast. still if your home theater amp doesnt allow for a lot of different settings i would stick to the analog for options, but digital was superior for movies with digital passthrough
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