Compaq/HP nx6110 usb mouse problem

Ok heres my problem my mouse randomly stops working ie light goes off. Ive tried 2 other mice, and the touchpad still works. If i reboot the computer it works a while longer and goes off again. Now heres the kicker, i have a cooling pad that still works and if i hook a hard drive up it will start that and work fine. I know its not an os problem since i had the problem initially under windows and now running linux. I am confused at this.
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  1. Yeah any ideas? dieing motherboard :S im wondering, i did change the multiple pointer do disabled and that seems to keep it from doin its usual work for 10 - 30 minutes and fail.. but i kinda wanna know why :(

    if anyone knows of another thread that may help plz post thnx
  2. Is it only this specific mouse that dose it? You mentioned trying others, but you didn't specify the outcome.

    I have a Logitech MX518 that randomly turns off. I thought it was the USB port but nothing else duplicates those results. The most likely cause is the USB connector on the mouse.
  3. Yeah ive tried another mouse actually two others and i get the same deal... But im gunna try the other mouse from the start. i dont remember if ive done that one yet or not but im thinking its the computer itself. But it is all related to the mouse witch is wierd, since my ipod works perfectly. i can rip and add songs all day and nothing fails :pt1cable:
  4. Apparently you've the same problem as I have and plenty of other nx6110. Take a look at this:
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