DVD/STB sound problems


I wonder if anyone here can help.

I have an Alba STB2NS set-top box and a DVD74 DVD player. These are used with a Bush 2138T TV.

The set-top box and DVD player both work fine when plugged individually into the TV. However, when I try to connect both at the same time -- using the connections shown in the set-top box manual (i.e. scart from STB "TV" socket to TV, scart from STB "VCR" socket to DVD, aerial in to STB and from STB to TV) the TV and DVD still work but I get no sound from the set-top box. The sound only reappears when I pull the cable to the DVD out -- but then, of course, I can't use the DVD. I have checked the soundness of all connections and also tried with different cables and even a different TV - always with the same result.

Can anyone shed any light on this?


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  1. Why are you connecting your dvd to a STB?

    Is it a dvd-recorder? (that's the only thing that makes sense to me)

    If its a plain jane dvd player, then the connection should just be between the tv and itself in one of the rca connectors (red/white/yellow)
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