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how to transfer data from usb device to cell using bluetooth or vice versa?
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  1. You need to hook up the USB device to a computer that also has bluetooth. Then connect the phone to the PC with that bluetooth adapter.
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    how to transfer data from usb device to cell using bluetooth or vice versa?

    1 Make sure your computer is equipped with Bluetooth technology (either integrated into the machine or a USB dongle) and active.
    2 Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device. This option can often be found in the Settings or Connectivity menu of your phone.
    3 Pair your computer with your mobile device by making both devices discoverable (also known as visible or unhidden) in the Bluetooth options. Once both are visible, search for Bluetooth devices on your mobile phone.
    4 Locate the name of your computer in the results list and select it.
    5 Enter a 4 to 8 digit passcode of your own choosing and press continue. If you are pairing with a Bluetooth headset or other screenless device, the passcode will be either 0000, or provided in the device's manual.
    6 Once your devices are paired, you can send and receive files.
    7 There are several methods to send a file to your mobile device. One method is to copy the file from your computer, navigate to your mobile device (often found in My Computer or My Bluetooth Places) and then paste the file to the phone. Another option is to right-click on the desired file and select Send To --> Bluetooth Device --> (mobile phone's name). Some phones (notably Verizon phones) do not support the necessary 'profile' to allow file transfers, and instead only offer support for Bluetooth headsets.
    8 While the file is being transferred, you should see a progress bar on your computer and/or phone. Once the file is finished transferring, a message stating such should show up on your device's screen.
    9 Find the transferred file on your mobile phone by using the phone's built-in file explorer.
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