Processor for Notebook i7 720, 820 or 920?

I sought, I sought and I didn't find a topic of processors for notebook that solved my curiosity and problem! Then I am making this here and I ask for his help. thank you immediately.... I Hope to be inside of the rules of the forum.

Am I configuring a new laptop and am I with a right one due to not finding many review on such in net.Minha doubts would be is worth the feather?

Intel i7 720qm (1,6mhz to 2,8mhz in I darken him/it boost)6mb of cache included price or the upgrade for:

Intel i7 820qm (1,73mhz to 3,06mhz in I darken him/it cache boost)8mb for u$ 400,00
Intel i7 920xm (2,0mhz to 3,2mhz in I darken him/it cache boost)8mb for u$ 900,00.

My use would be basically for image editors and video (no professional in the case the times) you love and multi tasks since I like to demand of my laptop a little!

at once Forced to all

Excuse my weak English but I am Brasileiro/Brazil
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  1. The upgrade is a waste of money, you won't see a major performance boost.
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