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my "add printer" doesn;t show the "windows update button"... i cant find the hp1220c driver that i want to use for my hp deskjet 1280 printer with windows 7.... help!
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  1. im using hp deskjet 1280 printer on windows 7, yet some of the printer's features are not working. I was told that 1220c driver can be used for 1280 in windows 7.
  2. You should be able to use 1280 with all features, if you had installed printer drivers correctly!

    Try uninstalling old drivers & re-install printer again.

    For 1220c support is only upto XP. somebody may given you wrong info!
  3. tried many time reinstalling driver for 1280c, isnt working really good with windows 7 ultimate. I browsed the net about compatibility issue of the 1280c to windows 7, and it seems its not really compatible. Anyway, the thing is, why does the "windows update button" doesn't appear in my "add printer" window? thanks...
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