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My friend just ordered a Viewsonic VX922 from newegg, under my reccommenedation. Anyone have this LCD, any thoughts on it? A good buy?
I know it's a little late, but may as well see what people think.

He has a NEC Accusync 75f with a nice scratch on the screen, so this should be like one of the nicest upgrades ever for him.
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  1. I'm considering getting the same LCD....I HIGHLY suggest you take a look at all 17 PAGES of reviews on

    I spent hours reading every single review.....Makes me want to buy it now. Cost is $355 and change.

    Hope this helps.

  2. I got the VX922 2 days ago to replace my Viewsonic P95f+. At first I was really unsure. Too much brightness/contrast and the colors were so so. After lots of settings and adjustments, now my games look really sharp and crisp. The image quality is really good on this panel.

    But you'll have to make those adjustments yourself and you'll probably hate the look of the image out of the box. Play in the OSD and with the settings in the video card drivers.

    Overall I gave this LCD a 4 stars because:

    - Too bright and poor image quality out of the box, but after some settings it's looking really nice.
    - One thing I can't explain is that it doesn't render BLUE like it should, there's a little too much green in it even with color settings at 6500K (which adds red for warmer colors).
    - Viewing angles are not the best. Move your head slightly up, down, left or right and you'll see a difference.
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