Is there a PCI to Expresscard slot adapter?

I own a Dell inspiron b130. I'd like to use an SB Live 5.1 PCI card on my laptop which only has an Expresscard 34. Is it possible at all, is there an adapter or smt that can help?
Thanx in advance
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  1. Don't think so: not PCI or PCI-X. Just PCI Express and USB

    . . .

    EDIT: no wait you mean ExpressCard to PCI? Oh hell no. Not possible. Never. Your option is ExpressCard or USB.
  2. You have an expresscard slot in your laptop and you want to use it to connect a 'normal' PCI card?

    NO PROBLEM! We have 3 variations on that at work. The TurboBox comes in a 1 PCI slot and a 3 PCI slot configuration. We bought ours from B&H - link:

    (That is the one-slot version) You can even put a video card in the thing!

    Magma makes them also (but much more expensive). Link:

    We have used the Magma and the Netstor (turbobox). Both work. Haven't tried a video card yet...
  3. (Of course, I don't know if the SB live card will work, but I know that SATA and SAS controllers work fine on these extenders)
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