Mvix Adds Multimedia Player Sauces to External Storage

An external hard drive. A music and video player that can also stream audio to your FM car stereo. Mvix' Multimedia Center MV-5000U is all of these things.
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  1. How about the TVIX HD-5000U very similar spec sheet, but very different form factors, and the added bonus of the network port.
  2. Mvix can’t play high def contents :( . Their web site is some what deceptive in that. No wonder Tom’s review wasn’t a rave.

    I would recommend either Modix HD-3520 or Tvix HD-5000U or Pixel Magic. These are the true high def player that can play Divx HD and WMV9 at 1080i resolution.

    I have the HD-3520 and it plays high def ts files beautifully. I’ll be trying the Pixel Magic next. However, it seems that device with Ethernet access are having problem streaming contents properly. I’ll wait until they resolve the streaming issue before trying it out.

    Tom’s should review the new high def players.
  3. What I would like to see is the temperatures of larger capacity hard drives. Or just temperatures in general.

    How well of a job are these companies offering external cases doing of cooling the disks. If I purchase the external unit and a large capacity disk (350+G) is it going to die the thermal death 12 to 16 months after I buy it, due to lack of cooling?

    I've seen a few jokes, or external cases, that offer a small fan or rely on the case itself as a spreader for the heat. That just doesn't do it.
  4. Hello,

    I am looking for a digital music player that can also connect to the internet? I have looked at the players you suggest and they can play video as well which I don't need. I just want the largest harddrive (External) with inbuilt monitor preferably with network access (wifi/wired) and stream audio from net? any ideas? thanks.

  5. Quote:
    Mvix can’t play high def contents :( . Their web site is some what deceptive in that. No wonder Tom’s review wasn’t a rave.

    Their new MX-760HD media player can. It also supports wireless networking. The latest firmware just came out and sports things like Linux ext3 filesystem support. They're well on their way. Bloggers have been talking about how this is a more than worthy competitor to the Apple TV. I can't disagree.
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