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I just purchased a HSVPN2-AES256 subscription. On my Dell Inspiron laptop, running Windows7 64 bit, I have downloaded and installed as per directions for Windows7. My ISP is Verizon/Yahoo, and I use the 32 bit I.E. Explorer. The HOTSPOTVPN-2 works fine on my wireless home network. However, when I go to McDonald's and connect to their free WiFi, It does not work.

First I connect to their "Wayport_Access" which is supplied by AT&T
I then run the GUI as administrator and right click on the tray icon, and chose connect. The icon turns green and says I'm connected. I open my web browser, Internet Explorer, and wait for the McDonald's splash page to come up. It tries to load but never does. If I disconnect from the HotSpot VPN, it then loads fine, I go through the "I agree" screen, etc., and now I am connected to the internet.

If I reconnect the VPN and try to bring up my ISP sign in screen,, again it will not load. Eventually I get an error message: "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page.."

I then disconnect from the HOTSPOT VPN and try again. The Verizon/Yahoo sign in page comes up quickly.

I then reconnect to the VPN and try to sign in for my email. Again it does not load. Right clicking on the tray icon and then choosing status, I notice it has stopped at: "incoming packet rejected...expected peer address ...allow by removing remote or adding float..."

Besides my ignorance, what is my problem, and how do I correct it?
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  1. The reason is simple that macdonald wifi router doesn't allows vpn connections to pass through, every router has firewall settings so macdonald wifi just allows you to browse the internet but vpn ports are not opened to pass through your laptop. In your home network, your router allows vpn traffic so you are able to connect to hotspot vpn.

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    Cheers !
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