is this a good gaming laptop???

that is the link to the specs and where i would buy it.

im looking for a good gaming laptop up to $1500. this is the one thats on the top of my list right now but if you have a better gaming laptop that is still under $1500 please list them or just give me your opinion on the one listed above.

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  1. It will do decently. the 9500gs is about as strong as an 8600gt, which can do okay in most games at 1680x1050, with setting tweaks.
    It depends on what games you'll be playing...what are some of them?

    Don't expect to play new titles at 1920x1080
    Also, the notebook's processor is a bit strong for the gpu. If you aren't going to be doing video/audio editing, I would save a bit of money by buying a notebook with a weaker processor.
  2. the games i would be playing are CS:S, BF2 and i kind of got in to Rohan. what would happen if the processor bit is too strong for the gpu...does it just end up slowing it down??

    how bout this one...pretty much all the same specs except for a 250GB harddrive (which is definately enough and a different video card), but it has a slower processor like you said.

    what do you think of the video can run the games above right???
  4. No, it doesn't slow it down at all, but it's just a waste of money to have the power and never use it.
    I equipped my 8800m gtx with a 2.1GHz t8300.

    Some say the more power, the better, it'll take you farther down the road, but IMO, you should look for a notebook with a not-so-beefy processor, and possibly save yourself some cash.

    However, the 8600 will do fine for those games.

    The notebook is a great choice.
  5. For that, I would stick with the acer.
    That lenovo has a relatively low screen resolution.
    You'll be happier with the acer.
  6. I would go for the ACER one because it has a solid screen
    Also it has better CPU + More HDD
  7. thanks for the help just gonna go with the acer because there is only a $100 difference between the 2.4 processor and the 2.1.
  8. Good luck :)
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