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I have a Fujitsu N6010 laptop with a cr*p DVD burner that has been giving me "issues" ever since I got it. The DVD burner is a Matsushita UJ830S (there's an operative word in there). As such I'm wondering the following:
1) How easy it is to upgrade my internal DVD burner?
2) What checks I need to make before buying one, i.e to prevent compatibility issues with my system.
3) Any advice on a good brand / model of laptop DVD burner to get.

Thanks in advance for your help...
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  1. 1) shouldn't be hard. At worst it would require you to open the case of the laptop, remove a few screws and slide it out.

    2) Just check what kind of interface it uses and buy one with the same type.

    3) Lite-on or Samsung, Sony if you had to.
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