I have a bunch of corrupt files on my Dell Inspiron One Touch Screen Computer..

I had a tech from a company that makes PC Cleaner take over my computer...he went into some file and showed me several thousand "problems" labeled with words like (error, warning, etc) he said the PC Cleaner could wipe out the 'file' so to speak but that the damage had already been done and that the 'applications' were corrupt...After sending me over to a Microsoft Certified Tech....They said they could fix my computers corrupt files for a mere $200 something dollars....I don't have that kind of money :( ...they said the Drivers were ok :wahoo: I don't have a restore point on the computer...so I hope that the 2 disks will take care of the problem...I don't care about losing 'files' at this point...they said it was a matter of time before the computer will crash...I've had blue and black screens recently..they are probably right...
Sooooo....which disk will restore the OS? the one labeled 'Applications...(for reinstalling Dell TouchCam Software...or the one labeled...Drivers and Utilities (for Reinstalling Dell Inspiron One 2305 Computer Software).... : :o
It is the verbage in the ( ) that is confusing me....Since they said the Applications are corrupt and the Drivers are OK...I'd pick the APPLICATIONS Disk if I had to guess, but I'm really nervous...Please help! The Goal is to put the computer back in "Out of the Box" brand new condition....Hope I didn't put anyone to sleep :sleep: :pt1cable: Thanks
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  1. It's a well- known scam! Has caught out many. Hopefully your Restore Partition is intact in which case I copied this from elsewhere
    For Vista or Win 7

    If your operating system is VISTA / Win 7, press the F8 key when you see the Dell logo. It will take you to the advanced boot menu options, which include 'Repair your Computer'. Select that option and enter your password if asked, then you will see a list of options like 'system restore' and 'command prompt'. The last option says 'Dell PC restore', or something along those lines. Select that option and follow the instructions on the screen.
  2. Good Morning Dodger :D ...thx for the info....I am really 'nervous' about doing this whole 'fix the computer' thing....not sure at all. Now in regard to the 2 Disks Dell sent with my computer when it was new....which one would I use first. the "Application Disk' or the 'Drivers Disk' Since the tek said the 'applications' were corrupt it seems that's the obvious choice :o and that the Drivers were ok that I wouldn't have to use that disk at all.
    May I assume the PF8 thing will tell me which disk to use? Thx :sarcastic:
  3. The F8 restore option will restore your computer to it's original state. It should ask you for the disks when they are needed. I would go ahead and do this. Also check the hard disk when you are done. Go to windows explorer, right click your c: drive, select properties, click the Tool tab, and select Check Now. It will probably require a re-boot but it's a good idea to perform this in case your drive is going bad.
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