Low fps in games on windows 7

Hello,i have a good pc, but my games still lag can you help me please

Cpu:Intel i5 m460@ 2.53Ghz
Graphics card:Nvidia GeForce 310m
Intel hd Graphics
Hd:500gb 7200 rpm
Windows 7,laptop.
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  1. well, cant do much with a 310m, as its only slightly better than the intel 3000 and worse than intel 4000 integrated graphics. in fact, just about all the AMD APU integrated graphics nowandays should be better than the 310m being outdated and all O_o
  2. Laptops are not known for being very good t gaming and you would have to get one of the newer models with a higher model of video card if you want to get rid of the lag. The laptop will do other things very well because you have the 4 gb of ram and the i5 m460 so there would be no problems there but in gaming the single most important part is the video card. This Hierarchy chart will give you an idea of where your video chip falls in comparrison to others.

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