Intel Barebone VS. Amd barebone

this mainly pertains to the graphics on these machines but i also am questioning the overall systems. i have looked around and couldn't find a definitive answer of which graphics card is better. i would also like to know which is a better overclocker. Im trying to keep these systems close to $1000. Any questions or comments will be appreciated.

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  1. The HD 2600 is a slightly better card, but it's AMD CPU is far slower than the Penryn T8100. If I had to choose, I think I would pick the Intel one. AMD lags behind in the mobile sector.
  2. would it matter as much in terms of frames? i really don't mind how fast it decodes stuff. i just want to be able to play half life and maybe some medium crysis while at school.
  3. also, whats the difference between the 2600 and the 2600 xt? is only clock speed? i was lookin gon notebookcheck and they both have the same # of transistors and codename. the only difference was the clock speed. Also of interest, the 2600 got smoked by the 8600 gt and the xt smoked the 8600 gt. what to do?
  4. At the resolutions you are playing at, the CPU would play a pretty big role. So yes, it would matter for your frame rate. I think I would still stick with the Intel machine. And as far as I know the only difference between the 2600's is clock speed.
  5. Another vote for the Intel model and also 8600MGT and HD 2600 actually perform equally
  6. i ended up getting the AMD. tl-60 with the hd 2600. it was super cheap and i had to keep the price under 900. my final setups had a 1.6 intel vs. the 2.0 tl-60. thats why i took the amd. Another influence on my decision was that the AMD had a full keyboard with numberpad, while the intel based machine did not. thanks for your input guys!
  7. I would be stunned if either of those would pull medium crysis smoothly - mine barely can with a T7600 and a Go 7950GTX. They should be fine on half life though, with maybe some detail turned down on Ep. 2.
  8. what resolution do you use? with a 7950 gtx you probly have a 1950 by 1200 screen. im at 1280 x 800.
  9. I do have 1920x1200, but for Crysis, my normal settings are high physics, medium everything else at 1280x800, because that's the highest resolution it can pull it at (it's very close to playable at 1680x1050 since 1.2.1). If you turn shaders to low, it speeds up a ton though - you should be able to pull it with all medium except that.
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