Problems with Sony DRU-510A

I have recently bought a dvd-burner - sony DRU-510A and i encountered problems with even burning the first dvd. I have made the following changes to my system before making this post:
1) installed a ASPI layer version 4.71a2
2) updated the firmware to 10.d and updated the burning
program - sonic RecordNow!

The error i get is:
Sense: 03 ASC: 0C ASCQ: 08 (Command 2A)

I tried burning both 1x and 4x, din work on either case and created like 10 coasters thru my changes. I read about the DMA and PIO transfer mode and people have different views as to which one should be set for the IDE properties. Does it make a difference?
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  1. You should be set to DMA on your DVD burner.
    My first troubleshooting step would be:
    Trying a new/different IDE cable, reverting back to Microsoft default IDE drivers, trying different media to ensure it's not a media issue, uninstalling any packet writing software (Sonic DLA, Nero InCD etc).

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