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Trouble when install win7

Hello, i have dell xps m1330
and then i got trouble when i try to installing win7 to a new fujitsu hdd, it appears on bios setup but got message that the disk will fail soon, please replace to the other disk when trying to install the win7 and try to restart but the installing didnt working at all, instead not responding from the installation, is a hdd problem or bios setting ? coz when i try to install to my currently hdd, it working properly
Pleasee help
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    It sounds like SMART is reporting that the hard drive is about to fail. You may have received a dead hard drive if it is a new one. It happens sometimes. If you can connect the drive to a working computer you can use a program like speedfan to confirm this.

    Simply select the drive you want info on under the SMART tab. It will report any errors.
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