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On the outside on the laptop on the right front corner there are shortcut buttons, for wireless and volume control. These buttons are not working/working off and on, I need to get the wireless button working because it seems to have deactivated the wireless access, is there a work around for this button? Any ideas why these buttons have stoped working?

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  1. I have an R3000 also and have experienced the same thing. I was able to turn the wireless on/off through network settings or by pressing on the top and/or bottom of the bottom-righthand side of the laptop (where the battery is) while pressing the buttons.
    My main problem is that the speakers will not work unless I press on this spot. I have tried putting some paper under the battery to place pressure on it all the time but that has not worked consistantly.

    Any Idea's? I have already sent it to HP right at the end of the warranty last November. Any luck that the repairs that were done while under warranty would have another 1 year warranty on them?
  2. I am not a techy but I am persistent. This is what I did to correct the probelm of a non-working network connection button on my compaq r3030us laptop.

    Go to start. Left click connect to. Left click wireless network connection. This enabled the connection and I was able to again access the internet. I had no problem with the speakers.
  3. Hey - Those buttons (WiFi, Sound, etc) are all cold solders from the factory, as is the power connector. If your problem keeps happening, you may be forced to open the computer up, and resolder those connectors. If you will read the thread entitled "Compaq r3000 power cord issue" there is a tutorial there on how to open the computer up, what areas need to be resoldered, etc.

    Any more questions, let me know!

  4. Press the battery compartment base firmly, right in front and right of the contacts strip. That's where the mainboard snapps into the little audio board, surface mounted plug and socket. May do the trick. If not, after removing the bottom plastics, you will be able to see it, loosen the screws on that side of the laptop/mainboard, lift the board up a bit, and press it back down to reconnect.
  5. This can be caused by no drivers for the wireless card or sound card, or by disabling the sound card or wireless card. You should try looking in the Device Manager for any devices that arent installed, or have errors with their installation. If it says that they are installed properly, try looking under network connections for the different miniport packet schedulers (Network Interface Cards) that you have and see if any are disabled. If you are still having problems, take it to a repair shop and tell them what you suspect. in this case they could have broken off of the motherboard, and need to be resoldered on. you can do this yourself, but you may damage your computer beyond repair, and neither i nor this forum will be held responsible for your mistake.
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