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I'm definitely needing a new mouse to use with my laptop, and I'm thinking of getting a keyboard as well.

The mouse can cost $5.00 (I actually foudn one) and probably be better than the 10 year old mosue I have up there. I was thinking of trying a wireless mosue since since there are a lot of cords up on my desk.

As far as the wireless mice go, I've been lookin at the Logitech G7 or Logitech MX1000 as the top choices so far there. I like that you don't have to use AAs in them. I've heard very good and very bad about each. Does anyone have any thoughts on either model or another wirelss mosue that they are happy with? If I dont' get a good wireless one, I'll just go for a cheap corded one. The one I have now doesn't have a wheel :-)

As far as the keyboard, I took a brief look at the Logitech G15. It seems cool. I like the idea of the backlit keys and extra buttons. The LCD screen doesn't seem like somethign I would use, but it's certainly a huge problem. I read some complaints that the letters wear off after a fairly short period of time. What do you guys think of this keyboard? Anyone have another, similar model they are happy with? If I don't get something like that, I'll just contiue with the provoided keys on my laptop. It does seem like a nice keyboard, even when you throw out the gamign application of it.

Thanks guys.
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  1. I like my BenQ X120 keyboard. It really takes a pounding when I get a little edgy. I don't use a wireless mouse, so I can't help you there. The Kensington Optical Pro is a nice wired mouse, though.
  2. I am a fan of MS products. At least their hardware if of good quality and bug free.
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