No More Free Wifi For Cell Pones?

Hello, I just read an article here: that claims that the new plans are going to charge users of wifi phones if they use them to access data at wifi hotspots like at Starbucks. What I don't get is how they would do that and how they would know. The phone isn't dialing out to a connection at that point. It's using the hotspot's service, so how could they stop you or charge you. If it's true, it seems like this would be a good reason to get a tablet pc, or just carry a netbook around in the car.
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  1. I think they're reffering to wireless data plans like 3G, EVDO, 4G, etc.., not WiFi.
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    They've already anticipated scoundrels like myself who only want a wifi phone to access free internet hotspots and my home wifi.

    In the UK You can buy a non wifi phone on pay-as-you-go for under £10 ($15) -- or free if you buy a small amount of airtime with it. A 2G or 3G phone is sold for between £30 and £50.

    But I couldn't find a pay-as-you-go wifi equipped phone for under £100 ($150) and some providers don't seem to do one on payg at all .

    We all know that adding wifi to a phone costs pennies, so the £100 barrier is obviously a fix.

    Another argument for unbundling the cellphone companies. Restrict them to selling services and stop them dominating the sale of phones.
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