Any point in a cheap sound card over NForce2?

Hey all,

I've had a few odd things happen during gaming that have made me have to lower the hardware acceleration on my NForce 2 chipset to provide a fix. That got me thinking about getting an actual sound card.

Is there a performance benefit to using a sound card over something like the onboard NForce2 chipset?

Also, what types of cards would provide a decent improvement over the NForce2? I'm using this system primarily for gaming, and have a simple speaker setup, but would consider expanding that if there was a reason to do so.

Thanks for the help,

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  1. Nevermind,

    I just found out that my chipset doesn't even use the NForce2 APU. It uses a generic. I elected to save some money and pick up an OEM Audigy for cheap.

  2. Ended up doing the same thing (bought an Audigy 2 ZS from

    The independent sound card will at least lower cpu utilization and the Audigy's are sweet sound cards anyways.

    Frintin Rocks!
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