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I am looking to get a laptop for college and I need some advice since i dont pay attention to mobile technology. I was thinking about getting the Asus eee pc but was thinking about waiting to get the new 901 or the 1000* series. Another thing to keep in mind is that I am living at home, going to a community college and I dont need much from it other than basic word processing internet, and stuff like that, would also like a decent battery life. so if anyone has any suggestions that would be great
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  1. How much do u want to pay?
  2. like 350 or in that ballpark, mabye 400 if i throw in 50 bucks, my parents are buying it for me
  3. For that price go for ASUS EEE PC
  4. The EEE is alright, but keep in mind it does not have very much hard drive space. I would say you're probably better off getting a slightly more expensive base model laptop with Windows and a decent hard drive if it is going to be your only computer. Of course, if all you really need is word processing and internet, and you really don't mind a dinky hard drive, the EEE is certainly great as a small, portable computer with a good battery life.
  5. yea i could probably squeeze 400 or in that area out of my parents since i talked to them again so im guessing maybe 450 or 500 range
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