How do you set dual chanel ram?

I have bought a asus p4p800 board a intel 2.8e and 2x 512 pc2700 ram chips.

How do I make it go in dual channel mode?
I have currently placed a 512 in each of the 2 blue ram slots and when I boot I see something scroll during the bios loading saying single channel...So I dont think its working...but i am not sure.
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  1. Hmmm
    I tried to put the 2x 512 one in each blue slots of ram and It keeps saying its running in single channel and I then tried the 2 black slots as recommended by asus book and that did not work either...anyone know if there si a jumper controlling that or something else I may be doing wrong? its azenram pc2700 both 512 chips I really dont get why its not working.
  2. You have to use slot 1 and 3, which are blue if I remember correctly. Also you may need PC3200 or faster memory, because synchronous clock speed might be required for dual channel operation.

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  3. On a P4P800 the only thing you need to do is to put the sticks in the right slots...
    As crash said its probly related to ur memory...
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