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Here's a stupid question. The SATA hard drives, how are they connected to the power supply. I have two cables, one going from the drive to the motherboard(I guess the SATA cable) and theres another slot in the back of the drive that connects what to where?? I know it requires power from the PSU but is it connected in the same manner that an ATA drive would be? Basically I need to know how to hook it up and get power to it. Beacuse right now I have none. Thanks all.

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  1. The maxtor and WD 7200RPM drives both have a standard molex connector as well as having the new SATA power connections so you can just use the same power cable you use for PATA drives. However if you are using a WD raptor or a Seagate drive you will have to have a PSU with SATA power connections (black connectors which are like the SATA cable connectors but longer) or you will need a converter cable.

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  2. Got it. Thanks a bunch!

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  3. My raptor has connections for both types of power. Either works, although I use the SATA ones.

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  4. Will my hard drive be damaged if I have both power connectors hooked to it? I'm asking because the hard drive activity light wasn't coming on so I hooked them both up. This is my first time working with an SATA hard drive.

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  5. Im not certain but I would advise against using both the power connectors.

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  6. Well I hope I didn't screw it up. Thanks.

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