HP Pavillion HDX wont boot after installing RAM

I was upgrading memory for a HP pavillion HDX for a co-worker. I previously upgraded his old laptop no problem. This model has 2, one gigbyte sticks. So, for this one, i take the battery out, put on my anti-static band, and put it in. Then when i booted up, a screen said the memory amount had been changed. Then offering options to: accept changes, ignore changes, and something else. So i did accept. And after that i went into system settings, and saw 3GB installed, but that started a memory test. I escaped out of that, then proceeded to boot up. When booting, it was running extremely slow, and then after the Vista loading bar, I get a black screen with the mouse pointer. So i tried booting with the original memory again, and now i get the "windows could not boot due to a software/hardware change. I go to the option to repair, same result. So next time, i press f11 for system recovery then it does the same thing, but this time, it flashes some windows really quick and i get a solid blue screen with the mouse. So i let it sit for a little longer. Then i get a message that says something along these lines "Laptop is working off battery power. This application needs AC power. I am sure i have the right type of memory. I also tried booting with 1, one gigabyte stick in, still no dice. But i only tried one DIMM slot. I went to Crucialmemory.com to see what kind he needed. I am not sure why im having problems.
My co-worker is from Bulgaria so communication is very hard. He did not bring in the Vista disk, so i have not tried that. I am worried i may have messed up the other sticks.

So in review:
1-would not boot with new ram
2-would not boot after taking new ram out, and inserting old.

I would appreciate anyone reading all this and helping out, i feel like a jerk. He just got it less than a week ago. I work at night, so i will reply at weird times i guess.
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  1. Did you manage to fix this? My gf seems to have this exact same problem
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